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One of the things we love most at M & M Headquarters is, when we receive your order, we get to gift wrap and box it using our gorgeous Australian made recycled papers, stickers, string, and shredded wood. It’s then posted off to you with love.

Even more exciting is when we see a “Collections” order come in. Why? Because when you buy in sets, you save money, and when you buy a Collection, you get the whole experience of multiple products to give you a WOW!

It is such a joy wrapping up a Marjorie & May Gift Set and we can’t wait for it to arrive at its intended destination with as much joy at the other end.

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Purple Crowned Fairy Wren (Threatened)

The Purple -crowned Fairy-wren is a small social bird found in dense riparian vegetation in northern Australia. They spend their days flitting around between Pandanus, river grasses and shrubs, and scratching in the leaf litter to find their prey of insects and sometimes seeds. Sadly, the habitat of the Purple-crowned Fairy-wren is threatened by feral herbivores and wildfires with only about 5000 left in the wild.

$1 from every purchase is donated to Bush Heritage Australia to help protect our endangered species like our featured Purple Crowned Fairy Wren.

Photographed by Duade Paton.