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Organic, Aromatherapy, Luscious

Uplifting, Refreshing, Relaxing

The combination of Australian Native pure essential oils of Rosalina; Nerolina and Lemon Myrtle, has this unique blend smelling of hints of lilac and lemony citrus notes that have refreshing, uplifting properties and leaves you feeling like you have just walked through a thicket of Myrtles in the Australian bush just after the rain.

Your skin will be left feeling super clean, silky smooth and nourished and your soul will be left feeling full and loved too.

Wild Rosalina Product Range

We care for you.
We care for the planet.

Numbat (Endangered)

The Numbat, also called the Banded Anteater, is a small endangered marsupial animal, native to parts of Australia with wild populations now only existing in Western Australia. They have a long sticky tongue that allows them to pick up termites which they eat exclusively.

The Numbat is under threat from habitat loss and introduced predators like foxes and feral cats. With an estimated population of fewer than 1000 individuals left in the wild.

$1 from every purchase is donated to Bush Heritage Australia to help protect our endangered species like our featured Numbat.