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Calming, Grounding, Soothing

Infused with a blend of pure aromatherapy essential oils of Palmarosa; Lavender; Sweet Orange; Basil; Patchouli, this range leaves an earthy, woody and herbaceous note that lingers, with hints of floral creating a memory of a walk in the woodlands awash with herbs and wildflowers.

Your skin will be left feeling really clean, beautifully smooth and enriched and your soul will be left feeling full and nourished too.

Woodland Walk Product Range

We care for you.
We care for the planet.

Hooded Robin (Threatened)

The Hooded Robin is a large Australian robin reaching 17 cm in length. The adult male is unmistakable, but the female and young males may be confused with other species with their softer grey colours.

Prefers lightly wooded country, usually open eucalypt woodland, acacia scrub and mallee, often in or near clearings or open areas. Their numbers are declining due to habitat loss.

$1 from every purchase is donated to Bush Heritage Australia to help protect our endangered species like our featured Hooded Robin.

Photographed by Duade Paton.